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Semi Permanent Make-Up By Beccie-Jayne

Consultation & Patch Test £25.00 Pre Pay, Redeemable On Treatment

'I truly believe semi permanent makeup should be used to enhance natural beauty. To give customers confidence and to feel good when they look in the mirror'


Beccie-Jayne has such a passion for Skin Care & Beauty, she loves to advance her skills to offer, the best result treatments for her Customers.

"Skill & sheer talent is only half of the job required. The ability to listen to what a client wants & understand what they are picturing, is the most important part in delivering & exceeding their expectations"

Beccie-Jayne, has 10 years experience in the Beauty & Make-Up Industry. Five years ago she opened her first salon in Churchtown and due to high demand she opened her second salon one year later in Hillside.

Prior to this Beccie-Jayne became qualified, worked in other salons and initially ran a busy Benefit Cosmetics make-up counter in Southport.

Semi Permanent Make-Up is a technique Beccie-Jayne has been interested in since she started Beauty training. With her experience & reputation in both Beauty & Мake-Up, Beccie-Jayne feels this will be a fantastic addition, advancing existing treatments such as HD Brows & achieving Every Day Natural Beauty.

"Over the years I have seen different standards of semi permanent make-up being performed. One style does not suit everyone. I understand that every customer is different and each wants or needs different styles. Following the initial consultation, it is important to me to be able to deliver the customer’s agreed styles to a high standard with a friendly and professional service.”

*Brows: £300.00 Nano Brows: £300.00

Includes 1hr 45 mins 1st Stage, 75mins 2nd Stage

*Microblading Brows: £300.00

*Combo Brows : £325.00

*Lips Just Liner: £200.00

Includes 1hr 15min 1st Stage 60min 2nd Stage

*Duo Lips With Blush: £250.00

Includes 1hr 30min 1st Stage, 1hr 15min 2nd Stage

*Eyeliner Top Or Bottom: £200.00

Includes 60min 1st Stage, 60 Mins 2nd Stage

*Duo Eyes Top & Bottom: £250.00

Includes 1hr 15min 1st Stage, 1hr 15min 2nd Stage

* Top Up: Starts From £85.00 ( 6Months-12Months)

(Previous Treatment By Beccie-Jayne)

* Top Up: £125.00 (12 Months - 18 Months)

(Previous Treatment By Beccie-Jayne)

Full Treatment Maybe Needed After 18Months

Top Up's For Duo's Will Be Higher 

Lip Line & Blush 

Eyeliner Top & Bottom

* Correction Work is Available Please Ask For More Info

Patch Testing Is Needed On Consultation At Least 48hours Prior to Treatment Deposit Is Needed!

Diamond Beautique By Beccie-Jayne


Your skin will be temporarily sensitised after the treatment and you should adhere to the following instructions for the next FIVE days.

This will help avoid infection and will allow time for the skin to recover.

  • If you apply make-up during the 5 days following the treatment, you so at your own risk
  • You can cleanse the treatment area with sterile isotonic saline solution two or three times a day, if needed.
  • Clients who have been prescribed an antibiotic cream should follow the instructions of their medical practitioner. Apply your aftercare cream with a cotton bud.
  • Healing will take up to one week, and it is perfectly normal for there to be small scabbing on the treated areas, which will fall off within a few days.
  • It is also normal for the colour to fade during the two weeks following the treatment.
  • If any cancer treatment is being undertaken or due to be taken, remember that this can alter the final colour of the pigment once healed in the skin.Further treatments may be required.

During the post treatment period, please try to avoid the following:

  • Touching the treated area/s.
  • Using soaps, cleansers, creams or make-up on the treated area/s.
  • Facial treatments, including eyelash or eyebrow tinting or plucking, electrolysis etc.
  • Any abrasive products, rough towels or similar.
  • DO NOT TOUCH OR PICK the small scabs that may appear after treatment.
  • Taking hot baths, saunas, steam or any other heat treatment.The treated area should be kept as dry as possible.
  • Sunbathing, using sunbeds or swimming
  • Using any form of bleach or depilatory products.

Always Stay Away From Any Forms Of Creams Containing Gycolic Aid Or AHA Or Face Peels On The Area Tattooed This Will Result In Bleaching And Lifting The Colour To Show The Undertone!

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