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Beccie-jayne keeps advancing her Semi Permanent Micro-pigmentation skills, after a very busy 4 years of offering SPMU.

Beccie-Jayne Has Completed Advanced Microblading - Not Just The Basics !

With Over 4 Years Offering Semi Permanent Make-Up & Specialising In Eye Treatments for 10 years .

Microblading Is The Perfect Extension To Beccie-Jayne’s Existing Skills ! 

The is a difference between Nano Brows (Digital Microblading) compared to Microbladed Brows.The look of fine hair like strokes can be achieved with both a Tattoo Machine or with a Specialist Blade.

'Offering Microblading along side Semi Permanent Make-Up will allow me to achieve the latest looks and stay ahead of the game in this forever changing industry.'

‘I’m offering Microblading so customers who just want that little extra fullness added to there existing brows, can get the look they are after without feeling like they are having Tattooed Brows’

For more information please contact Beccie-Jayne call 01704 807631

Qualifications & Fully Insured Beauty Therapy NVQ2 & 3

: 11 Years Qualified

Make-up :10 Years Qualified

Dermal Rollering : 7 Years Qualified

Semi Permanent Micro- Pigmentation : 4 + Years Qualified 

Nano Brows SPMU : 3 Year Qualified

Act Fact Adrenaline For SPMU : 3 Year Qualified 

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